What We Do


Our focus on transformational, heart-led leadership brings access to connections, a build up of relationships and results.

Entrepreneurial Management + Personal Development

  • Transformational Leadership: Whether you are a small business that has big dreams or your leadership style is outdated and requires serious rebuilding, transformational leadership is key to growth.  If you need to inspire your team, mobilize people into groups that can get results or build morale we can equip you with the tools and strategies required to transform.  Is it a must for you to articulate a vision that moves you and your team into action?  Get started here!

Diversity + Inclusion Strategies

  • Board Diversity: We help you prioritize your recruitment practices-Board understanding of roles and responsibilities; improvement of Board Ambassadorship + Advocacy; and Boards ability to work as a collaborative team toward shared goals.  Ready to diversify your boardroom composition? Let’s get started now!
  • Change Management + Strategic Planning: We help organizations define their mission, vision and values through a diversity + inclusion lens.  We help define and support control mechanisms for guiding the strategy implementation.  Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.  We believe you have vision and hope-Let’s do this!
  • Values-Based Business Strategies: Values are at the core of who you are and why you do what you do.  The values of you and your team should have a place in your organization.  We help you lay the bricks and provide a framework for a values-driven culture, where the team finds alignment between their personal values and the organization’s values creating a unified, motivated and results evident team.  Lay the first brick to your foundation here!

Program Development + Management

  • Community Engagement: We help your organization navigate the processes of working collaboratively with community groups to address issues that impact the well-being of those groups.  To do this work you’ll need grace under pressure, courage under fire, an openness to criticism and a tolerance beyond belief – Lace up your boot straps and get started!
  • Entrepreneurial Curriculum Development: Have an entrepreneurial program in which a certain major goal or set of goals needs to be accomplished with limited duration and a defined set of deliverables? It is our goal to provide your outcomes via our focus on research, practices and new ideas in the design and implementation of the program.  Learn more!


  • Team Building
  • Community Engagement
  • Small Business Diversity/Inclusion
  • Empowerment
  • Business Culture Foundation

Our workshops are outside the box, engaging and chock full of energy!  Contact us to learn more.