Meet the Levels Family

Photo by Margaret J. Krauss

Ebony McQueen Harris, Principal Consultant and Founder of LEVELS

Ebony is passionate and intentional about collaborating, connecting and developing leaders. She approaches this with a strong emphasis on diversity and inclusion strategies and programs that help to increase organizational capability through applied individual and workforce professional growth initiatives.

Ebony approaches consulting with particular regard for the human part of it-she cares as much about the people who determine an organization’s direction and goals as those whose knowledge, skill, and ability are needed to have those goals met.  She is dedicated to facilitating change in people, organizations and communities.

Ebony leads workshops and trainings, designs processes, develops strategies, and coordinates community outreach efforts with ease and enthusiasm.  She has had the opportunity to work across several industries including social services, non-profit and retail.  She has over 20 years of “hands on” experience with a proven ability to form strong relationships gaining trust of colleagues and clients at all levels. Ebony brings a broad base of organizational development, instructional design and facilitation, training and employee development, coaching, and change management. She has a knack for helping people make connections to each other and their projects. 

Ebony received her BA in Speech Communications from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania and her MA with a focus on Instructional Leadership + Curriculum Development from Robert Morris University.  When not working or dreaming of Broadway notoriety, her passions include her family, traveling, the theatre, wineries and cooking.

Jamie Johnson, Lead Consultant

20171010_090028Jamie has worked in outreach and service programs serving families who experience trauma, incarceration, and substance abuse, for nearly a decade.  An insightful and strategic thinker with a collaborative leadership style, Jamie consistently demonstrates the ability to connect the dots. 

She views life through a lens of possibility, potential, and self-actualization and strives to foster these qualities in others. As Levels Lead Consultant, Jamie draws on her clinical knowledge, and professional experience, to open the minds of others.  She helps clients to plan, organize and implement administrative processes to ensure that their businesses + organizations operate effectively. 

An entrepreneur at heart, Jamie, is the CEO/Founder of Build You Up (BYU).  BYU serves to help people identify and develop plans around core areas in need of improvement through creative idea ingenuity.  Jamie received her BA in Psychology from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania; and an MS in Education from Duquesne University.  

Courtney Plazenski, Multimedia Consultant


Courtney believes in the power of visual storytelling through video and how it can impact an audience.  She is driven by her passion for leadership and creative collaboration.  As the owner and producer of Midnight Zone Productions, a full service video production company, Courtney is able to authentically live out loud her passions.

Courtney has over six years of video experience and is currently pursuing a degree in Business Administration.  As the Levels family multimedia consultant, Courtney provides her expertise in the areas of short films and documentary work, event promotion and nonprofit videos.  When not consulting on projects you’ll find Courtney taking a deeper dive in the writing of the final draft of her first feature-length script!